Launched a brand new diamond arm

After 8 years of dedicated research and development and in-depth exploration by the Kaiyuan Zhichuang team, at the end of 2018, we successfully launched a brand new diamond arm. It not only surpasses the original rock jib design concept, but also undergoes major adjustments in the design to better meet the practical and functional requirements, breaking the stable position in the market. In terms of setting the center of gravity, we made a new design for the diamond arm, which banned the traditional "H-frame" auxiliary structure and replaced it with a more concise and practical limit design. This adjustment resulted in a significant increase in strength and speed. Since November 2018, this new product has been rapidly launched on the market. In just over a year, our diamond arms have been widely put into production and use in various working conditions, and more than 400 sets have been used in China, Russia, Laos, Pakistan and other regions, which is very eye-catching in the construction machinery industry. Our diamond boom is always equipped with excavators above 40 tons. This new technical product not only quickly attracted attention in the market, but also was quickly used by new and old customers, bringing unprecedented opportunities to the entire excavator industry. property revolution.

As the latest innovative product, the diamond Arm has not only made a huge breakthrough in design, but also made significant progress in work performance. First of all, we abandoned the traditional "H-frame" auxiliary structure, and adopted a more concise and practical limit design in the design. This change not only made the diamond arm more stable, but also greatly increased its strength and speed. The King Kong arm can perform well under various working conditions, providing users with a more efficient and reliable experience.


The successful launch of the diamond arm has also brought great opportunities and challenges to the entire excavator industry. As a brand-new craft product, the diamond arm has received rapid attention from the market and has become the first choice of many users and enterprises. Not only that, but the use of the diamond arm has also triggered a property revolution, completely changing the pattern of the excavator industry. In the past, the rock arm has always occupied a stable position in the market, but the rapid rise and wide application of the diamond arm have caused a huge impact on the position of the rock arm. The advent of the King Kong arm has brought unprecedented opportunities to the entire excavator industry, and also enabled more users to enjoy high-quality, high-efficiency construction experience.

In terms of marketing, we have been committed to showing users the unique advantages and excellent performance of the diamond arm. Through advertisements, exhibitions, product demonstrations, etc., we have conveyed the value and practicability of the diamond Arm to users, attracting the attention and recognition of many new and old customers. Our technical team also actively provides technical support and after-sales service to users to ensure that they can fully understand and use the diamond arm correctly, so as to obtain the best working results.

The successful launch of the Diamond Arm is not only the result of our team's years of research and development and exploration, but also a manifestation of the technological progress of the entire industry. As a leading company in the excavator industry, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously launch more innovative products, and provide users with more reliable and efficient construction solutions. Through joint efforts with our partners, we believe that diamond Arm will continue to show its unique charm and advantages in the future market competition and make greater contributions to the development of the excavator industry.

In short, the successful launch of the diamond arm marks a revolution in the attributes of the entire excavator industry. It not only achieves a breakthrough in design, but also provides users with a more efficient and reliable working experience. We believe that in the near future, the King Kong arm will become the benchmark of the industry and lead the development direction of the excavator industry.

Post time: Sep-02-2023

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